My name is Yuoranda Walker. …

My name is Yuoranda Walker and for 10 years my step father used my body for his own perverted pleasure. He touched me on my private areas and even once attempted to penetrate me.

My name is Yuoranda Walker and in the 9th grade I was raped in my bedroom while my mother and my brothers were fast asleep. I allowed a boy that I liked to come through my bedroom window…just to talk. He wanted to do more. I didnt. He began to touch me. I told him to stop. He didnt. I didn’t deserve to get raped but I did. 

My name is Yuoranda Walker and I am a two time rape survivor. 
After I separated from my second husband, I formed a friendship with a guy. He was very nice to me. One night I invited him over to hang out. I got a weird feeling when he entered my home, but passed it up to being nervous and having butterflies. I liked him. He sat next to me and we chatted for a little while. He began to force himself on me. I begged him to stop..he didn’t. He raped me while my two children were asleep upstairs.

My name is Yuoranda Walker and I aged out of the Georgia foster care system. In the 11th grade after the sexual abuse by my step father came out…for the 2nd time, I was placed in foster care while he remained in the home. I was taken from everything I knew. I lived in 3 different foster homes. 

My name is Yuoranda Walker and I have experienced homelessness with my children. I have begged strangers for money to feed my children. 

My name is Yuoranda Walker and I experienced the emotional and mental effects of domestic violence between my mother and step father. 

My name is Yuoranda Walker and I was in a domestic violent marriage. I was the abuser. I was living my life in anger and rage and took it out on my ex husband…oftentimes in front of my children. 

My name is Yuoranda Walker and I aborted my unborn child in the 10th grade under the direction of my mother.

My name is Yuoranda Walker and I used to cut on my body to release my emotional pain. The last time i cut myself was at the age of 21.

My name is Yuoranda Walker and I attempted suicide in the 9th grade and again in my second marriage. 

My name is Yuoranda Walker and I began drinking alcohol in the 9th grade and smoking in the 11th grade. By my second marriage, I drank soley to get drunk.

My name is Yuoranda Walker and I hated looking at myself. I hated who I was and believed myself to be a failure. I didnt care what happened to me. I didnt love me. I hated me. I hated life. 

My name is Yuoranda Walker and one day I gave up trying to live my life according to my plan. I realized I was broken, bruised, and beaten down and needed help. I needed healing. I needed Jesus. I called out to Him. He came in my life and changed me from who I used to be to who I am today. He wiped my tears and cleaned me up. He gave me a new life…In Him. I’m not perfect…but I’m striving for perfection in Him. This journey didn’t happen overnight. It took time, tears, and self evaluation. I had to pray, forgive, and push forward. I had weak moments, days, even weeks. I still do but i learned that He was my strength. It is because of Him that I’m am able to share my testimony with the world. I don’t look like what I have been through. I am a survivor…by the grace of God!!! Satan tried to kill me, steal from me, and destroy me. God allowed me to go through these trials because He knew when I came out…I would give Him the glory!!! He knew there would be others who needed to hear my story so they could see that God did it for me and they can now have hope that He will do it for them too!!! He restored my faith in love by showing me true unconditional love. He loved me when everyone turned their backs on me….including myself. He is called Healer for a reason!!!!!

My name is Yuoranda Walker!!! I am a survivor!!! I am a child of the Most High God!!! I am because HE is!!!