Emotionally Unstable

Sometimes you will be overcome with emotion and may not even know why or where its coming from. I encourage you to explore those emotions to get to the reasoning behind them. It doesn’t matter if you are angry, sad, overly exited…find out what is driving it…where does it come from. I have found that when I find myself overly sad or frustrated its usually because I am carrying things from the past. I am subconsciously carrying things that I may have forgotten about or previously failed to confront. When we refuse to deal with things that have hurt us in some way and push it away, it will eventually resurface in some form or fashion. Deal with it and stop running. Once you have truly dealt with it, then the next time it comes up, it wont overtake you emotionally. You won’t feel so overwhelmed and unable to cope. A lot of times we don’t realize that we can release a lot of the unnecessary burdens on our shoulders simply by dealing with them.

Heal Your Hurt