CHOOSE to Heal Your Hurt!

After being raped and/or sexually abused, we have to begin the healing process.  When we think of healing, we should not just think of it in the physical aspect …but also in the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspect.  Our bodies are designed to heal automatically, like if you have a scrape on your knee, you know that after a few hours a scab will begin to form but our mental state, emotional state, and even our spiritual state will need some help to heal.  We must realize this and immediately begin the process to repair ourselves in these areas.  Of course the process is not one that will heal you within a few hours, but as long as we begin the process and stick with it, the healing will surely come.  Not only will it come, but it will be very beneficial to living a healthy life in your future. 

 It is when we do not heal and opt to hold on to the anger, hurt, and pain (even for a little bit) that we begin to have a destructive mindset.  Having and holding on to a destructive mindset will ultimately destroy us from the inside out and we may not even realize it until it’s too late. 

We have to make a conscious choice deep within ourselves to heal entirely after being hurt.  If we do not, we will self destruct.


~~Heal Your Hurt


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